'The European Union Youth Orchestra exists to unite Europe's most talented young musicians under internationally renowned conductors, in an ensemble that transcends cultural, social, economic, religious and political boundaries - all in the common pursuit of musical excellence.'

Aims and Ideals

  • To establish an orchestra of outstanding, dedicated young musicians from the member countries of the European Union, to work together under internationally renowned professors and conductors to achieve the highest possible standard of orchestral performance. The orchestra will perform each year in major cities and festivals both in the European Union and throughout the world, demonstrating the cooperation, achievements and creativity of European Youth.
  • To give these young Europeans the opportunity to live and work together, to develop friendships and understanding, whilst working to achieve a common goal: a community symphony orchestra of great excellence.
  • To provide an annual opportunity for the participants to work with some of the world's finest conductors, who will inspire their musical ambitions and increase their awareness of the musical aspects of European culture.
  • To produce more enlightened Europeans equipped to play a part in the welfare and betterment of the European and other communities.